Allied Health

Allied Health is a term used to describe the broad range of health professionals who are not doctors or nurses. Allied health professionals aim to prevent, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and illnesses and often work within a multidisciplinary health team to provide the best patient outcomes.

Whilst allied health professionals are prevalent in almost all branches of health care, some of the more common sectors where you will see allied health professionals are in aged care, chronic disease, disability, mental health, exercise and sport, rehabilitative care and muskuloskeletal health.

There are many professions which are classified as Allied Health, including but not limited to:

Audiologist - Assessment, treatment and prevention of hearing and balance disorders.

Chiropractor -  Diagnose and treat physiological and mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Dietitian - Advises patients on nutrition for health, weight management or for specific medical conditions.

Exercise Physiologist - Focuses on therapy and rehabilitation of injury, chronic disease and disability through exercise.

Physiotherapist -  Focuses on the diagnosis, management and prevention of movement disorders and injury.

Podiatrist - Treats conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Psychologist -  Studies, treats and evaluates mental and behavioral processes.







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